I was born in Lockport, New York, September 8, 1954. Raised in the suburbs of Western New York until the age of 12,  I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico with my parents in 1966 and was introduced to the past life loves, cultures and vistas that have surely shaped this life. Relocated at 15 to suburbs of Denver, Colorado and graduated from high school there in 1972.   Arapahoe Community College and Colorado University proved intense though brief experiences for me. I fell in love and was married 1976, moved to Biloxi, Mississippi where my daughter was born in 1977. 

      I have lived in New York, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Alaska and Arizona. I spend a lot of time on the Sea of Cortez, Sonora, Mexico. My greatest passions are in the natural world and these diverse geographical and cultural areas have assisted in what I am frequently told is an indomitable spirit and eclectic eye. I believe these things are truths!!  A ravenous writer and traveler in the USA and Europe, I am a self-titled "gregarious-recluse" preferring to spend as much time as possible off grid exploring, fighting for and communing in the wilderness that remains. 

      My mixed media work on canvas, paper, wood, metal are most often abstracted impressions that I hope witness and translate these wild places in my spirit to you in some way. My "stream of consciousness" prose is another artful healing tool and vehicle in sharing what I see in the world.  My images tend to concentrate on "the story untold" and can be frustrating to those who prefer Realism.  I hope that you will stretch your mind and get out of your "usual" way of viewing and enjoying art!  There is room for all to play!

I concentrate on the spaces between things not the things themselves.

     I am "retired" but working harder than I ever have as caretaker, petsitter, housesitter and artist/ art educator/art curator/artist's representative. I am a chef and organic farmer and have owned and operated two organic/vegetarian/omnivorous restaurants and an active vegan/vegetarian catering company on the Oregon Coast. I travel to remote Kodiak Island, Alaska in summers as Chef and Gardener at a wild and beautiful fishing lodge, Saltery Lake Lodge. (salterylakelodge.com)

     I worked for years out of my Madera Canyon, Arizona studio - a 120 year old gold miner's cabin on a mountain stream, a defunct but still whispering gold mine road. I have owned and operated Gypsy Fire Gallery in Wheeler, OR., Touch The Earth Studio in Tucson, AZ., and  Straw House Gallery and ALTA Contemporary, both co-owned with artist Mickey Bond (mickeybond.com) in Tubac, AZ.

    I now work from an offroad rambling adobe home in the true wild lands of the Galisteo Basin in New Mexico, south of Santa Fe.

       "There is adventure in every bare tree limb - and she will find it, love it, record it and make it live."       S.M. Haines, Alaska

      "Her work has a fine and feminine touch and a gentle approach to colour....I feel a longing for a simple way of being and the perfecting of a life in her claybord works."          KUBI

    "There is a sensual tactility, illusion and depth in Rebecca's work. Rather dreamy, sometimes shouting, always  moving and expressing thoughts and desires without words?  This is what I See. Freedom to Dream becomes this artist and she gifts it to ME".      Nate Rawls, Memphis