I explore the world muse about the limits and non limits of human potential and ability through my creation of art. 
     I love to dig deep in the connections that exist between growth and deterioration - conformity and rebellion - the inner and outer life.

     Duality, Perspective, Perception and Consciousness fascinate me. 
I am self-taught and I can say that for me, being a self taught artist has as many benefits as obstacles.  It is liberating to allow content and form to arrive from your own body of knowing, emotions and experience rather than someone telling you what can and cannot, should and should not appear in a piece of your art!! 

     I am influenced by many rich and broad traditions, cultures and the voices of places.  I am often overcome by the movement of revolution in art - those artists who had the courage to break out, shattering myths of traditional lifestyles in their work.  I am proud to continue this "song" by referring to myself as an "Abstractionist" an "Expansionist".
     I am a perpetual student of the world and self.  I hope to get better at living my life as I get better handling color and form, light and dark.  I have been creating art my entire life in one form or another.  Clay, Collage and Sketching were my constant early years passions and as an adult I still enjoy all of these things but in my teens added Photography, Painting and Found Object Sculpture.
     I have been shown and featured in hundreds of exhibits in the U.S.A. and in special intimate events and exhibits in the U.K.   My work is collected and displayed in homes and offices all over the world.

     I hope more than any one thing that the freedom my work most displays inspires and encourages another to step out of their own prejudices and fears, their own usual way and look at their life with different parts of themselves, thus setting free the other places and experiences within them that maybe they are not as comfortable with.
     I learn and unlearn, crash and burn. I rebirth myself like a wave, a wind.  My seemingly restless cycling stretches as I grow and apply what works for My Heart.